• Once Upon a Time

    On the hill-side of Mount Psiloreitis, persecuted by Cronus, Rea gave birth to Zeus, who was to become the father of gods and men. For centuries, these rocky mountains, where only sheep can graze, have been a harbor for rebels, revolutionaries and people who never bowed to any conqueror, be it Venetian, Turkish or German. They have kept their own language, full of ancient Greek words, and have given birth to some of the most important musicians in Crete.

    Yagos, a musician born and raised here, presents us with a different way of living, closer to nature and tradition. A way of life that has been lost in our days, a life where banks and money do not define happiness. The melodies of his lute travel us through images of the village, Cretan betrothals and candle-lit ritualistic feasts. In this land, solidarity, autonomy and self-sufficiency are the golden ingredients of freedom. "Blessed are you, oh high mountains, who fear no death"