• Local: Riders on the storm

    Cruising on the surface of the sprawling cement crust that covers the Athenian basin, a bunch of lunatic bicycle riders reclaim public space with their environmentalist DIY style. Their guerilla films, caustic performances and adrenaline pumping rides through the city, local/Athens seed their Athens with the hopes and aspirations of a more involved youth. The crumbling city is at the mercy of those who are willing to piece together or tear down the relic of a time that has passed.

    This group of people of all ages and nationalities seize the fertile moment to share a common vision of their future. Self-organizing and initiating new ways to explore public space, Local is one of many new young communities which have given-up on elected officials to look out for their interests and are no longer going to sit on the side-line. Hopefully this is the dawn of a new era where Greece's youth is more intimately involved with their environment and their community, equipping them with the weapons to survive in the difficult times to come.

  • Yinka: Rhymes under Pollution

    Manolis, a.k.a Olayinka or MC Yinka, as most people know him, is a Nigerian, 2nd-generation immigrant who was born and raised in Athens, Greece. His African roots, interwoven with his Greek upbringing, make Yinka a unique voice in the downtown music scene. A well-respected MC, he works with various bands ranging from ethnic fusion to jazz and pop. He also plays with dub veterans Direct Connection and has his own band, Urbanix. Recently, his neighborhood has been a battleground for tensions between a growing racist neo right-wing youth and the numerous immigrant inhabitants of the area.

    With all the madness that surrounds his dilapidated neighborhood, he manages to rise up above the pollution, inspired by the things he sees, using his lyrics as weapons to fight against the discrimination that permeates his world and stand up for the rights of his people.