• The Writings On The Wall

    The city walls speak the truth of its citizens, an old saying says. Since ancient times, one could read the pulse of a people by their markings on the wall. The scars, markings and tattoos on the cement skin of the city communicate the experiences of a nation in transition.

    Athens is the capital of Europe with the largest amount of graffiti. The abandonment of the city's center and its subsequent degradation has brought graffiti back into the spotlight as one of the main factors that contribute to decreasing life quality in the center. A long and old debate about the role of graffiti in the city is brought to the forefront: is it art or pollution?

    Some of Greece's graffiti pioneers, like TARE, Woozy, Senor, Scar, Ners and the O.F.K crew, try to give their own perspective on how these markings on the wall are more than just that!